The Towninator

133 ratings
I want this!

The Towninator

133 ratings

Welcome to the towninator. A quick way to create towns that are focused on the Narrative experience.

This sheet will enable you as a GM to quickly generate immersive settlements that hopefully are teeming with life

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Reviews on Reddit

This is such a great tool that should have been implemented by WotC themselves. - /u/AR30T

Fucking top notch idea. I sent it to my DM and future DM. Thank you. - /u/Gado_De_leone

This is such a good idea. I have trouble making my towns seem like unique places and this would really help structure that in an easy package. My brain says thank you - /u/mr_evoids

This is absolutely perfect for a campaign that I have been planning! I might tweak some of the specifics, but I definitely dig the overall concept, and having it all laid out in a consistent graphical format is incredible! - /u/TheLukewarmYeti

Yo In my game system I could use something like this. This is rad af. - /u/SenorDangerwank

Where has this been all my life, those sleepless nights of typing incoherent words into notes are long behind me now - /u/The-Lazu-Line

Oh fuck this is genius. Time to fill my worldbuilding doc with these - /u/BluetheNerd

If you want to create a great Pantheon for your setting, go right here!

I want this!

You'll get the towninator! The ability to generate towns is in your grasp!


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